CCTV Surveillance Technology

Suraksha Institute Of Technology Provide Theory & Practical Training on different type of CCTV Camera Installation, Configuration & Repairing Services. This Training will be provided from Basic Certificate Course – Level 1 Certified CCTV Surveillance Technician [ CCST ], After Level 1 of Basic Certificate Couse student can go for Level 2 Professional Diploma In CCTV Surveillance Technology [ PDCST] which will give you more detail and industrial exposer of CCTV Technology ,after Level 2 student will go for level 3 Advance Diploma in Surveillance Technology [ ADST] , ADST is Job oriented course , This course will provide training on OMS / RMS / VMS technology and cover all type of CCTV Camera Technology and also give 3 month on site industrial training and camera installation in project work.

We will provide you 100 % Placement Commitment in CCST & PDCST Courses. And in Student who join 1 year Advance Diploma in Surveillance Technology will get 100 % placement in reputed company after successfully completing the course or they can start there own business in CCTV Camera Installation. Institute will provide all required support in Sales Inquiry , material sources and Financial support.

 Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in IP should attend. Whether you are a technician, engineer, sales consultant, specifier or operator this training course will provide you with a solid base to further your career. All are welcome.

Level 1 : Certified CCTV Surveillance Technician [ CCST ] For More Details Please View
Module 1 - CCTV Camera
  • What is Analog CCTV & IP Camera
  • Type of CCTV Camera
  • Assembling CCTV Camera
  • Installation Process of CCTV
Module 2 - Diff. Type of Tools & There Use
  • How to Tool Kit List
  • Minimum Required Tools for CCTV Maintenance
  • How to use Multi meter
  • How to Use Cable Tester.
Module 3 - Power Supply
  • Type of Power Supply
  • Connection of Power Supply
  • Voltage and Current
  • Video and Amp. Drop
Module 4 – Cable & Junct
  • Type of Cable
  • Gauge of Cable
  • Use and application of Cable
  • Type of Diff. Junction Box
  • Use and application of Junction Box
  • Connection Diagram for DVR
  • Operating of DVR
  • DVI / VGA / HDMI Port Pin Details
  • How to Take Backup in USB Pen Drive.
Module 6 - CCTV Networking & NVR – Network Video Recorder
  • What is Remote CCTV Networking
  • Need of CCTV Monitoring System
  • Remote Server Concepts
  • NVR Concepts
  • Networking Related Glossary
Module 7 - IP Camera
  • Advantages of IP Camera
  • Installation of IP Camera
  • I Phone Demo with IP camera-Ref.Vide
Module 8 - Wifi Camera
  • Introduction
  • Installation of wifi camera
  • Installation of Camera Software
  • Networking of wifi camera Setup

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Level 2 : Professional Diploma In CCTV Surveillance Technology [ PDCST] For More Details Please View
* All The Module of CCST Level 1
Module 9 - CCTV Project Planning
  • Site Visit For CCTV Camera Installation
  • Prepare Bill of Material
  • Prepare Layout and Connectivity Diagram
Module 10 – Site Visit For CCTV Camera Planning
  • Hospital Site Visit for CCTV Camera
  • Industrial Site Visit for CCTV Camera Project
  • Hotel Site Visit
Module 11 – Sales Quotation
  • How to prepare Sales Quotation
  • How to Source the material
  • Manpower Planning & Costing.
Module –12 Time Attendance& Access Control
  • Access Control Introduction
  • Required Tools Of Access Control
  • How to Configure IP Address
  • Door access Control Introduction
Module – 13 Spy Camera
  • Diff. Types of SPY Camera.
  • Wireless Spy Camera
  • Advantages of SPY Camera.
  • Baby Monitoring Camera.
Module –14 Internship – 2 Month
  • In This module Student need to place at any of the Industries / corporate office / CCTV Field Maintenance / Access Control Projects for practical onsite installation experience.

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Level 3 : Advance Diploma Surveillance Technology [ ADST] For More Details Please View
* All The Module of PDCST Level 2
Module – 15 – CCTV OMS – Operation and Maintenance Servies.
  • CCTV Camera Routing Preventive Services
  • Fault Finding of Analog CCTV Camera
  • Fault Finding of IP Network CCTV Camera
  • Daily Checklist of CCTV Maintenance activity
  • Water proofing of CCTV Camera
Module – 16 – CCTV RMS – CCTV Remote Monitoring Services.
  • RMS Control Room Setup
  • LAN Connectivity
  • WAN Connectivity
  • Daily Checklist of RMS Activity.
  • Alarm Testing and Log.
  • 2 Way Audio and Video Setup.
Module –17 CCTVCMS – CCTV Maintenance Services
  • How to prepare CMS AMC Contract.
  • Preventive Maintenance of CCTV Camera.
  • Repairing of DVR / NVR Cards PCB
  • Repairing of Camera PCB
  • Repairing of Power Supply PCB.
Module – 18 Wifi 4G CCTV Camera Solutions
  • How to Design Wireless CCTV Camera Solutions.
  • Advantages of Wireless CCTV camera Solutions.
  • Industrial Wireless Camera solutions.
Module – 19 Solar CCTV Camera Solutions
  • Solar CCTV Camera Specification.
  • Technical Connectivity Diagram
  • Power Supply and Network Connection.
  • Advantages of Solar CCTV Camera.
  • Area where Solar Camera can be Used.
Module – 20 Road Traffic and Number Plate RTO Project
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Camera.
  • RTO E Challan Project.
  • Toll Tax Camera solutions.
  • Road Traffic Monitoring Camera.
  • Highway Security and Accident Management
Module – 21 Special CCTV Camera [ Thermal / Under Water Camera / Drone / Medical ]
  • Type of Thermal Camera.
  • Advantages of Thermal Camera.
  • CCTV Surveillance through Thermal Camera.
  • CCTV Drone Camera .
  • Advantages of Drone CCTV Camera Surveillance.
  • Medical CCTV Camera Solutions.

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